Austin Community Steelband Combo
Friday, Feb 23,  6:00-9:00p
City Hall, 301 W 2nd
Open to the public

Sahara Lounge
Thursday, March 1
Austin Community Steelband Combo 7:00-8:00p
Cecil Francis & Friends 8:00-9:00p
1413 Webberville Rd, 78721

Irie Bean Coffee Bar
Friday, March 2
Cecil Francis 7:00 – 10:00a
2310 S. Lamar, 78704

Townlake YMCA Lobby
Friday, March 2
Austin Community Steelband Trio
Open to the public
1100 W. Cesear Chavez, 78703

, March 23, 2017

AUSTIN COMMUNITY STEELBAND brings harmony to low-income youths.  Click to read

Austin American Statesman by Nancy Flores
                                               Photo Daulton Venglar
Roman Rhone performs with other members
of the Austin Community Steelband at the Townlake YMCA to raise money during the Amplify Austin campaign on Friday. Amplify Austin is a 24-hour  campaign that helps raise money for local nonprofit groups in Central Texas.

Inspirational KLRU’s Arts in Context program shares gift of music
with deserving Austin youth

Nevis Tourist Board Event in Austin

The Forum For Youth Investment
Ready by 21 National Meeting
Reception Austin Hilton


Recent Events

Austin Children’s Shelter Gala
Benefit for ACS campus
Super standing ovation Night in Havana

St. Andrews Presbyterian Church

Wheatsville Food Co-op, AustinXAustin
“Playin’ in the Rain”

Bertha Sadler Means Young Women’s
Academy Steel the Show!

cherrywood-art-fairART FAIR


Austin Federation of Musicians
Concert Series  FREE 
was GREAT!
AFM Roman & Darien

Creative Action
Community Arts Sunday

Analysa teaches kitten

Great Party! See you next year!

Get with the beat! Join us.

Join Austin Community Steelband as a member, an individual supporter, partner, or sponsor. We are fortunate to have some of the world’s finest steelpan musician instructors and advisors and have attracted a diverse group of supporters, including ardent steelpan fans. We work both independently and in partnership with schools, charitable organizations, and public agencies to help hundreds of low-income kids direct their intelligence and talent toward more enriching and rewarding lives. Being a part of this experience is truly inspiring. . . .and fun.


Frost Bankfor support in waiving all fees.

* for inviting us to wrap!

* to ALL volunteer wrappers
YOU made it a success!

Gaby Reyna * Alyssa Muir * Ami Rodriguez
Naomi Ohara * Linda Huynh * Ann Cabot *
Carol Bever * Diana Gencia * Lanie Jordan
Mary Kay Muir * Andrew Bracamontez *
Lanie Jordan * Serina Steter * Dara Chaffin
Kelsey Pobst * Joan Saidel * Robin Henery
Mary Tokumaru * Aleksandra Krychniak *
Wendy Cumming * Amanda Thompson *
Connie Hritz * Kelsey Pobst * Joshua Tian
Purav Kumar Maheshwari * Addi Beuide *
Castalia Obregon * Madeline Barham *
Jared Minton * Jack Brown * Ashlee Bardin
Charlotte L’Amie * Cory Kittleman * June
Johnson * Alex Ackerman * Shelby Roberts
Kelsey Elledge * Natalie Terrell * Margaret
Huges * Maddie Golden * Emmy Wanger
Jordan Frank * Niraf Islam * Katy Morgan
Emmy Wanger * Teri Golden * Tracy Frank
* Kendall Wallace * Mary Ann Muir * April
Cumming * Madelin Barham * Jack Brown
Jared Minton* Brooke Peyton * Ave Bonar
Harley Dotson * Gabrielle Garcia * Megan
Sanders * Dara Chaffin (fabulous bows!)


To Melissa Neville for joining our Board.    Her 27 years in marketing and sales for Progressive will be invaluable.

Tony Slater Trinidad’s Master Tuner

for  tuning our Steelpans’ for 2017!

Supporters & Sponsors

 For their Employee Matching support

TARGET for donating wonderful, fun rewards and prizes for our after school students.

for making our kids so happy with your
after school snacks contribution!