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Austin Community Steelband is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.  Membership fees and contributions are tax deductible.



“Few programs offer this unique, engaging opportunity for fostering latent musical talent in kids, especially for those of us that cannot afford to pay for private, quality musical instruction. Steelpan allowed my daughter to express herself musically in a way that no other instrument has done in such a short time. As a parent, I enthusiastically support Austin Community Steelband.”   Mrs. Nancy Tolbert


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Just $10 pays a child’s monthly transport.
Your support provides free classes with transportation for disadvantaged youth. Even a small amount of money can make a huge difference to our programs and the lives of the children we serve.  We attract a diverse group of educators, musicians, community and civic leaders, local businesses, families, corporations, dedicated friends, and hard-core steelpan fans.

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All Steelpan instruments join to support the full Steelband.
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  • To advance our professional Steelpan school
  • To provide access to enrich low-income youth
  • To stress excellence and self-expression
  • To promote cultural tolerance
  • To expose Austin to the music and culture
  • To bring diverse communities together
  • 93% of our students are disadvantaged
  • 73% live below the federal poverty level
  • 77% are at risk of involvement with crime, drugs, or gangs during out of school time
  • In the zip codes we serve, crime rates are 85% to 371% above national average

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Friday Dec 20     10 am-2 pm / 2 pm-6 pm
Saturday Dec 21 10 am-2 pm / 2 pm-6 pm
Sunday Dec 22   10 am-2 pm / 2 pm-6 pm
Monday Dec 23 10 am-2 pm / 2 pm-6 pm
Tuesday Dec 24 10 am-1 pm / 1 pm-4 pm
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Have Fun Making a Difference!
Our Steelpan Programs help low-income kids learn necessary skills to use their intelligence and talent toward more enriching and rewarding lives. The little you do can help make a child’s world a happier place. Being a part of this is a truly inspiring experience.
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