6th Annual Calypso Boogie at The Belmont
The Peterson Brothers dazzled with amazing blues, soul, funk fusion.
Cecil & Floyd brought the Calypso and the Boogie!

CB 2015 Rosie, band, Cecil

5th Annual Calypso Boogie @ Scholz Garten
Rosie Flores rocked the dance floor with Victor Ziolkowski (Drums), Christopher Rhoades (Bass), Tjarroo Bonta (Keyboards), Tom Robinson (Sax), and Cecil Francis (Steelpan).   Adam Temple shared his exceptionally versatile guitar talent playing Calypso with Cecil.

1. CB 2014 Joe King-Cecil-Floyd

4th Annual Calypso Boogie® @ Scholz Garten
Leeann Atherton sang with our kids. Cecil and Floyd added their hot spice to our guest artist Joe King Carasco’s Tex-Mex rock ‘n’ roll band mix.

Col. 2 Calypso Boogie® - Floyd Cecil

3rd Annual Calypso Boogie® @ Hills Café
The Tropical Hat contest winner took the cupcake, Whole Foods Market’s fantastic tropical hat cupcake! Our kids’ steelbands welcomed everyone, followed by Cecil and Floyd’s blazing steelpan-piano. Guest artists Beto Y Los Fairlanes had everybody on the dance floor!

3. CB-2012 Eliza Gilkyson

2nd Annual Calypso Boogie® @ Symphony Square
The kids’ steelband played with Cecil and Floyd and a band of professional musicians. Eliza Gilkyson captivated the audience singing the tunes her father Terry Gilkyson wrote, the well-known calypso “Mary Ann”, and “The Bare Necessities” from Disney’s “The Jungle Book”.

4. CB-2011_1 Kids steelband

1st Annual Calypso Boogie® @ Symphony Square
Our amazing Steelband kids stole the show. Austin Community Steelband gained some of our most ardent fans and supporters that night!