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    Mike Hicks (Hixo) Collectors Posters

    In Memoriam: MIKE HICKS, our long time friend and graphic designer. He created our wonderful Turtle logo, gorgeous print promo materials, beautiful website design, and volunteered hours designing our Collector’s Calypso Boogie Posters. Among his many clients were Whole Foods logo, Sweetish Hill, Texas Monthly, The Nature Conservancy of Texas, The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Seton Medical Center. He was a strong Civil Rights advocate and great musician who paid his college graphic design study by playing in Lubbock’s most popular band. We will miss his support, friendship, and sense of humor – as fabulous as his genius graphic design.

    • 2012 Poster

      2012 Calypso Boogie Poster

      2012 poster design. Available in 2 s...
    • 2013-Poster

      2013 Poster Calypso Boogie

      2013 Poster design for Calypso Boogi...
    • 2014 Poster

      2014 Calypso Boogie Poster

      2014 Poster design for Calypso Boogi...
    • Poster 2015

      2015 Calypso Boogie Poster

      2015 poster design. Available in 2 s...

    More Posters

    Collect all our event posters, created by great Austin artists.

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      2016 Calypso Boogie Poster

      Suzi Sands (Simply Wild Gardens)...


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      Jewelry: Coming Soon

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    Trinidad & Tobago Tours

    • Trinidad Tour for Steelband (Coming Soon)

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